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Whether you’re in the earliest phases of bringing proven technology to the cloud, need help defining and implementing an automated testing strategy, or are old hands at devops and simply need to scale your existing process, Solano Labs can help.

We are a recognized Amazon technology partner with a strong track record of working with enterprise customers to address devops, testing, and cloud architecture challenges.

We are passionate about helping our clients to identify and implement the most valuable technologies, methodologies, and cultural practices and in so doing to apply the hard-won lessons learned from our industry-leading customers and partners. As generalists, we can help clients to see the forest for the trees and identify a path towards long-term success. We are are also world-class experts when it comes to cloud, storage, and security technologies and can apply those insights to your business.

Solano knows that successful enterprises often require an incremental approach to adopting and improving internal engineering processes. Agile, devops, automation, and testing have all become common practices in leading software organizations — with good reason. Still, adopting any new business processes takes significant and ongoing investment of time and expertise. That’s why Solano Labs is offering complete solutions to our most successful customers: rather than trying to enforce one-size-fits all approaches and adapt your processes to our software, we work with you to deliver software that makes your team the most efficient. To that end, we recommend that any services engagement start with a detailed understanding and documentation of current process and technology and the identification of high-impact opportunities for improvement. Our services practice focuses on:

Automated Testing Strategy and Performance

DevOps and Agile Implementation

Engineering Infrastructure

Cloud Architecture and Implementation

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