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Solano Private CI

Solano Private CI brings the compatibility, performance, scalability, and high-availability of the Solano CI SaaS to your private cloud infrastructure.

Stop struggling with custom infrastructure, long build times, and legacy platforms. Solano CI can be run on servers operated by customers, or on machines operated by the company, or by cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Run Anywhere: Solano Private CI natively supports and deploys into common cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as well as on-premise cloud infrastructure.

Massive Scale: Solano CI scales seamlessly from a single managed core to 10,000+ core installations. Control-plane scalability brings high-performance and high-availability to your critical development and deployment pipelines. Use Solano CI’s built-in cost management and hybrid-cloud burst scaling to harness massive compute only when you need it.

Best-In-Class Security: Maintain strong IP protection by running Solano CI entirely in your infrastructure and under your control.

Native Multi-tenancy: Provides strong multi-tenant security and isolation for organizations with multiple teams. All the advantages of centralized infrastructure for your ops team with the advantages of self-service and isolation for your development teams.

Native Mobile Testing: Solano Private CI instances can manage Mac OS X, embedded ARM, and other device nodes. Manage your mobile testing workflow with the same scalable platform as your backend.

Customizable: The same rich ecosystem of native integrations and tools as the Solano CI SaaS. Solano Private CI is further customizable via API driven integrations with your entire toolchain, including the SCM of your choice, artifact and docker repositories, custom hardware and licensed software.

World-Class Support and Services: Don’t go it alone: choose as much or as little support from Solano Lab’s team of experts. We can help to define a migration plan, show you how to make the most of Solano Private CI’s high performance environment to accelerate your workflows, and even offer training on automated testing best practices through our network of training partners.

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