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Solano BX

Solano BX enables organizations to save on the cost of cloud storage, scaling out compute, and transferring data for hybrid setups while improving performance. BX is a shared block device faster than file servers for read-only or read-mostly workloads.

Solutions Enabled by BX

Scale out compute

BX substantially reduces how much storage you need to provision on each of your compute nodes, reducing overhead and fragmentation across your cluster.

Improve Container Registry Management

BX accelerates your container bringup without waiting for copies to finish.

Cloud Migration/ Lift and Shift

BX makes it easy to run legacy software at object-store prices without rewriting code.

Hybrid Cloud Bursting

BX cuts time out of hybrid compute workflows, saves bandwidth, and provides flexibility by avoiding cloud-provider lock-in.

Solano BX enables these solutions by solving problems commonly found in existing setups and file servers:

Solano BX is highly flexible and has powerful applications across a number of industries

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