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Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Former Senior Vice President of Engineering at New Relic
New Relic

“We have looked into and implemented a number of CI solutions, but found that Solano CI is the best on the market for managing our CI infrastructure. It saves us on hardware and people, plus it just works. With Solano Labs, we have reduced our test times from hours to minutes.”

— Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Former Senior Vice President of Engineering

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In their own words:
How companies are succeeding with Solano Labs


“Our SRE team went through several different continuous integration solutions
in the last year before settling on Solano... What Solano gives us is an on-premise solution with excellent native support for fanning out tests to multiple threads, running them in parallel, and then assembling the results. It has a great web UI, CLI support, and impressive performance... our deploy workflow has grown noticeably faster, and the number of wails and anguished GIFs from frustrated engineers is at an all-time low.”


“ We can deploy more CI builds through each day, which ultimately means we can push more changes to the site on a daily basis... We are delivering value faster to our end users because of Solano CI... Our developers don’t have to spend time worrying about maintaining our CI system; they can rely on Solano CI to do everything, so they can instead focus on what they do best: building great tools for our website that bring the most value to our end users across the globe. ”


“Knowing that we wanted to stop managing our own CI environment, we went looking to CI service providers (hosted, and self-hosted) to see how they would perform... TL;DR We’re glad we switched. Now that our tests are run via [Solano CI], we’ve phased-out our Jenkins setup, and the testing queue has been all but eliminated. We ended up with a setup that allowed three builds going at once, and that seems like the sweet-spot for us with builds taking about five minutes apiece.”


“After evaluating a variety of options, we ultimately decided on Solano CI and have seen massive productivity boosts since our switch. Solano has impressive performance and parallelization options directly out of the box, which piqued our interest. Combined with a clear UI, comprehensive dependency support, easy setup, total customizability, and a command line interface, it was a perfect fit for us... reducing our build time from over an hour to under 10 minutes. Back to testing heaven!”


For us, the move to [Solano CI] greatly cut down on development time by letting us really step on the gas and develop at a face pace, knowing all the while that we would be notified immediately if we introduced any regressions into the codebase... Bottom line: if you’re looking for a quick, easy, non-intrusive way to speed up your test suite and make your dev team more efficient, definitely check [Solano CI] out!”


“At BigCommerce we rely on Solano Labs for continuous integration and we are happy we went this route. We explored many other options including maintaining our own CI machines but Solano CI outweighed all of them for a number of reasons. There are several features that Solano CI provides that has greatly improved the engineering team’s efficiency.”


The biggest reason we switched to Solano CI was, in a phrase, “coffee time.” The Solano Labs team encouraged me to think about what my team could do if we could get our build and test results back in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee, and intrigued, I challenged them to show me that Solano CI could make that happen. The system’s automated scheduling and parallelism were impressive, and between my conceptual understanding of setting up through a YAML config file and Solano’s docs I got most of the way by myself. But the biggest win, and the reason we decided to buy, was their team’s support.”