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Solano Labs Launches Tddium


SAN FRANCISCO - December 6, 2011 - Solano Labs, a provider of agile software development tools, today launched Tddium, a cloud-based test environment designed to change the way developers build web applications. Tddium saves developers time by managing a fully supported test and build environment, and applying cloud resources to run even the most complex test suites in minutes.

According to Jay Moorthi, co-founder of Solano Labs, “The introduction of Tddium means that developers can spend more time coding, less time waiting, and eliminate the need to debug build servers. The product is fast, and reliable.”

Tddium simplifies and accelerates testing Ruby on Rails applications using any of the major testing frameworks – Test::Unit, RSpec, Cucumber, even Jasmine for front-end testing. Tddium also seamlessly supports integration testing using Selenium, Webkit, and Celerity.

Early Tddium users are enthusiastically praising the product’s capabilities.

“It’s sort of amazing what this does to your productivity.”
- Francis Hwang, Profitably

“Thanks! Works perfectly. I love your service already.”
- Jeff Bozek, AnyPresence

“No need for the wasted time and effort managing a build server anymore. With Tddium our continuous build has been both consistent and fast from the very beginning.”
- Karl Baum, ViewTheSpace

Tddium accelerates agile development by handling continuous integration, deployment and testing in the cloud without any special configuration required. It automatically executes tests in parallel, individually provisioning them with sandboxed instances of popular databases and web browsers, and allows developers to interactively debug individual tests in a cloud environment without a full build.

Pricing and Availability

Tddium is available now from and as a Heroku Add-On. Subscription plans range from $7/month for a solo project to $100/month + metered billing. See our website for more information.

About Solano Labs

Solano Labs Inc. provides streamlined testing for Ruby applications, and partners with leading vendors to bring powerful software testing to their customers. Its newest product, Tddium, accelerates thousands of tests every day, and fundamentally changes the way users can build web-based software applications. Solano Labs is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. To learn more, visit