Solano Labs

About Us

Solano Labs provides powerful, scalable systems that enable software developers to reach
an unprecedented level of engineering efficiency and quality.

Our Team

  • William

    William Josephson Co-Founder

    William is an entrepreneur and engineer with deep experience building and delivering high-performance storage systems. Much of his previous work applied techniques from modern cryptography and computer security to real-world systems. He has a PhD in computer science from Princeton University and an AB in Mathematics from Harvard University. His academic focus was on solving big data and high-performance storage problems.

  • Jay

    Jay Moorthi Co-Founder

    Jay is an entrepreneur and engineer with over 10 years of experience building great internet security, networking, and data storage products for Cisco Systems, IronPort Systems, and Network Appliance. He has an AB in Computer Science from Harvard University.

  • Leo

    Leo Cheng VP of Strategy and Business Development

    Leo is a technology management veteran with over 15 years of experience in sales, product marketing, finance, and business development management roles. Leo has an MBA in from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley. He actively participates in the community and enjoys wine tasting, food tasting, cooking, video games, snowboarding and electronic music.

  • Nick

    Nick Travaglini Customer Success Associate

    Nick is a young alumnus of UC Berkeley and long-time caffeine addict. Nick's responsible for supporting all of our customers in their use of Solano CI, along with a myriad of other roles. In his spare time he's usually reading a novel, watching sports (Go Bears! and Go Giants!), or browsing the internet, i.e. reddit.

  • Isaac

    Isaac Chapman Master Troubleshooter

    Isaac is a member of the UC Berkeley contingent (Go Bears!) at Solano Labs, and has 20 years experience finding and implementing the right tool for the right job. When not tinkering with various technologies, you might find him reading, practicing yoyo tricks, hiking around the bay area, and occasionally all of those simultaneously.

  • Brian

    Brian Kendzior Founding Engineer

    Brian came to Solano Labs after managing an engineering team at Moovweb, a cloud-based mobile platform startup. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. When not enjoying the tech and music scenes of the Bay Area, you can safely bet he’s getting into some hijinx outdoors (backpacking, sailing, skiing), or bare-knuckle boxing rabid badgers.

  • Matt

    Matthew Albani Engineer

    Originally from southern California, Matt received a BS in Computer Science from the University of California, Riverside. He enjoys a good cup of coffee, whiskey, nerdy activities (i.e. MTG) and sports (Go Pats!)

  • Tom

    Tom Westberg Engineer

    Tom has worked on video game systems, workstations, and various embedded systems but there comes a time to let the physical hardware fall away and embrace the cloud. He has a BSEE from MIT but is still regularly outsmarted by several Border Collies. At least they haven't learned ruby or go.

  • Jorge

    Jorge Villanueva Marketing Associate

    Jorge is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a background in marketing, international politics, and finance. In his free time, Jorge enjoys watching sports, especially boxing and soccer, and practicing the sweet science. When he is not smashing his hands against various objects for fun, he uses them to furiously write blogs and tweet.

With offices in Boston and San Francisco